8 Movements to Improve Your Hip Flexibility

Here’s a video tutorial I made to help people improve hip flexibility when working through the certain positions in yoga that require better than average hip mobility.

This quick routine will help people new to yoga, or those returning to yoga after a long break, loosen up their hips for easier movement. It’s also good for anyone who is having trouble with certain athletic movements that require hip external rotation (turning the knees to the outside).

If you’ve just got stiff hamstrings, we cover that here.



Quick Hip Mobility Routine

Here are the stretches/poses covered in this short tutorial. If you’re having trouble with stiffness in your hips, you can do this everyday – it just takes a few minutes.

  1. Outward rotation of the hip
  2. Inward rotation of the hip
  3. Butterfly stretch
  4. Frog position stretch
  5. Kneeling lunge
  6. Long sitting outward hip rotation movement (long name, but a great stretch!)
  7. Squatting hip inward rotation
  8. Pigeon posture stretch

Give it a try, and do 10 reps or so for each movement. Working through this sequence daily is optimal, but doing these movements even three times a week would be helpful.


Looking for a customized flexibility program?

pancakeGMB’s free Body Maintenance Guide contains stretches designed to dramatically improve the flexibility and function of your hips (in addition to other areas of your body).

You can get the Body Maintenance Guide here. Just turn to page 29 after you download it for the hip stretches.


As always, leave a comment if you’ve got any questions. We’re here to help!


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