Playing Your Own Game – How 6 New GMB Trainers Exemplify Mindful Practice

One of the things we’ve always emphasized is that, with consistent and mindful effort, everyone can improve their strength and condition. From beginners to long time trainees, the secret to success is doing the right things over and over again with a mindful approach.


GMB Trainers


Time and time again, we see that those trainees who practice in a dedicated and mindful manner are able to achieve incredible results.

And I’ve been lucky to see firsthand the progress of six individuals in particular, who have gone through our GMB Trainer Apprenticeship over the past few months, and have demonstrated how far mindful and consistent practice can take you.

We are very proud of how well they’ve done and are happy to announce the certification of these 6 wonderful and highly skilled Trainers!

Below, I’ll tell you a little about each of them, and show how their stories demonstrate that finding your true motivations and training mindfully keep you moving steadily toward your goals.

No matter what your background or current training level is, you will improve.


Moving Past “Training Because You Have To”


When people get started with physical training, it’s often for a fairly arbitrary reason. Whether it’s because your parents signed you up for some kind of sport at 4 years old, or later on in life with a vague notion of “getting in shape” for health or body image concerns.

Whatever the case, it’s rarely because we see it as the life-changing process that it can and should be.

That’s what we really want to share with you, that exercise is not something we have to do, but something that is a natural part of our lives. We have the potential to go beyond the temporary goals of losing fat/gaining muscle, or even “doing cool moves.”


Single Arm Lever Ryan


I want us all to feel comfortable in our bodies and have the freedom to try new things without fears of inadequacy or failure. That’s the real benefit of training, and that’s why I want to share our trainers’ stories up to this point with you.

As you’ll see, they all come from different backgrounds, and several of them are not even trainers by profession. What brought them to this point was a shared desire to tap into their bodies’ potential without fear, and to gain a new level of body awareness and control.

Wherever you are in your training, you can learn a lot from their dedication to this common goal.

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