Case Study: How GMB Helped a 63 Year Old Finally Learn to Love His Body

When you’ve been training for a long time, you tend to pick up habits, both good and bad, and hopefully learn some things along the way.

The key to lifelong progress is making sure that those habits don’t define you, and that you heed those lessons rather than brushing them off and continuing what you’ve always done.

It’s tempting to stay with a comfortable routine, and as long as you are being consistent, it’s not such a bad idea. But to improve and break out of a rut, you’ll have to start making some changes. They could be small, or big, but the very act of mixing things up can spur on great benefits.


Stephen Stern Header Image


Stephen Stern, has had a lot of experience with a variety of fitness regimens and training.

Before finding GMB, Stephen had made gains, and then had some setbacks, but the one constant was that he always came back to it and with smart and critical thinking.

Finally, he found the method that would work best for him. He had been training with us for 3 years, and today, is training to become a certified GMB Trainer through our apprenticeship program.

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