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Gymnastic rings training exercises like pull-ups, ring dips, muscle-ups, and the iron cross look impressive and difficult.

However, with time and training, anyone who follows a good ring training program with proper progression can learn to perform them all.

Ring Training L-Sit This page is our collection of gymnastic ring training tutorials and tips. Feel free to ask questions on any of the videos and get in touch if there’s something you’d like to see covered that we haven’t gotten to yet.

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Gymnastic Ring Exercises: Tuck to Tuck Shoulder Stand


One of the major benefits of working on the gymnastic rings is the strength and coordination gained from moving your body around on a free swinging apparatus. It can be difficult enough to pull and press your weight on a fixed bar, let alone on two rings that wiggle around! Pull-ups, dips, and even just…

How to Do a Strict Muscle-Up on Gymnastic Rings

gymnastic rings ready for action

The strict muscle-up is a great movement to have in your skill set. It’s a move that demonstrates overall body strength and coordination that even very fit people have a hard time performing the first time they try it. But that doesn’t mean it’s out of your reach if you train right.    

Grip it: 3 Ways to Grip the Gymnastic Rings


There are a lot of factors that contribute to your success or failure with the rings – core strength, upper body strength, lower body strength (okay, you get the point – you have to be wicked strong to get really good at the rings). One factor that gets overlooked all too often, though, is how…

3 Rings Workouts to Help You Build Pushing Strength, Conditioning, and Core Strength

Here's what you're aiming for with the plank position.

People have a really hard time focusing on one goal at a time. Maybe it has something to do with our culture of ADD and overstimulation. Whatever the reason, you might think you need to tackle every possible fitness goal at once, when all you really need to do is focus on one thing at…

This Ain’t No Swing Dance! How to Stabilize your Body to Get the Most out of the Gymnastic Rings

Free Training Video

Gymnastic rings training is a lot of fun, and is a fantastic way to build incredible strength, not just in the core, but also in the entire upper body – which is precisely why rings are one of the foundational components of GMB’s curriculum. But when people are first starting to train with the rings,…