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Learning how to do a handstand and stay up is not easy. But we've got plenty of videos for you here.

According to the York Handbalancing Course, “when you see a group of strong men together…, sooner or later, they take time out for some handbalancing…”

Well, that was about 70 years ago, and this is the post-bodybuilding era, when size, strength, and skill don't always come as a set. Gold Medal Bodies is dedicated to strength building through skill practice, so we feel a strong connection to our physical culture heritage and recommend hand balance practice to pretty much everyone.


This is What 14 Weeks of Focused Training Looks Like – How I Nailed the One Arm Handstand in Record Time


Over the past two and half years, my main goal has been to develop and produce solid training programs for our  GMB curriculum.     It’s been great to work through each training modality from the basics to the advanced movements while designing programs, and improve my own skills in the process. I even got…

Trouble With The Bent Arm Stand? Stop, Drop, and Roll!

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The bent arm stand is a move we use in all of our programs – Parallettes, Rings, and Floor. That’s more bent arm stands than you can shake a stick at! So why are we crushing so hard on the bent arm stand? Because it’s a fantastic move for working on mega bent arm strength and…

Mastering the Crow Pose

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Yogis, gymnasts, acrobats, and other masters of movement have something important in common: they’ve all trained themselves to combine strength, agility, and stamina in order to perform incredible movements. So how do regular people like you and me tap into that power, that ability to combine strength, agility, and stamina? Enter the Crow Pose The…

How You Can Kick Up into a Handstand with More Control by Applying this “Animal” Locomotion Movement

Ryan Handstand

It’s no secret that I love getting upside down and teaching others how to do it safely and successfully. I also love getting down on the floor and exploring different movement patterns. To me, they’re both extensions of the same thing, and this article is going to give you a practical demonstration of how basic…

Popping and Locking for Better Balance in the Handstand

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Have you been working on your handstand, but are having trouble maintaining your balance for more than a couple of seconds? This is one of the most common issues people run into as they improve their hand balancing skills. Many people think they are performing the handstand with proper form, but they are missing one…