Build Serious Strength and Make Continual Progress Without Injury or Burnout

Develop a technical foundation for gymnastic ring exercises like the muscle-up


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Rings One Gives You:

  • Real strength and control for your chosen sports and activities
  • Clear instruction and routines designed to ensure you make progress with every workout
  • Results in real life – not just in the gym


Here’s what one fitness pro wrote within days of downloading Rings One:

Matty - Rings OneOK, 5 days later….. I LOVE the Rings 1 program.

I am having a really hard time taking rest / recovery days because I want to be back on the rings!! Was thinking of doing the parallettes or floor training next. Any suggestions? also, for those of you pausing on spending the $95.00, Dive in and Buy it! It’s Awesome!

As a Muscle Activation Specialist, Trainer and owner of The Human Motion Lab in San Francisco, this R1 program has really redefined what fitness is!


Matty Simpson-Weber, Human Motion Lab, California


NOT Just for Gymnasts – The Top 3 Reasons You’ll Love Gymnastic Rings Training (whatever your goals)


#1 – Rings Build Stability and Strength

Unlike other exercises, bodyweight exercise like the gymnastic rings help build balance and control. Instead of just working one muscle at a time, you actually are working at strengthening your entire body.

All the countless “micro-adjustments” you will naturally make while performing any given move on the rings will help strengthen and tone your arms, shoulders and core muscles in a way that conventional weight machines don’t.

#2 – Create Useful Strength for Your Life

Let’s be honest, ultimately, you don’t really care if you bench press a billion pounds or not. Aside from impressing some random “gym junkies,” there’s little real reward to it.

If you’re like most people out there, you just want to be strong in your day-to-day life, not in the gym.

You want to be able to help your kids build a fort in the back yard, you want to be able to help your brother lift that heavy sofa up the stairs when he moves next weekend, and you want to be able to throw a frisbee around with your friends at a backyard BBQ.

#3 – Look and Feel like a Badass

Not only is swinging on the rings fun, but it looks cool too. People who have gone through R1 say that people have stopped them at the park and asked if they were training for the Olympics.

Although we can’t guarantee people will mistake you for an Olympic gymnast, there’s definitely a “cool factor” that can’t be denied.

Why Most Ring Training Programs Fall Flat for General Fitness (ignore at your own risk)


Maybe you’ve already gotten a pair of rings and maybe you’ve tried a few exercises on them already, only to discover that you’re not progressing the way you’d hoped.

From working with thousands of clients since 2010, we’ve observed two common problems that keep most people from progressing quickly.


#1 – Most of the Training Advice Is Based On Gymnastics

Professional gymnasts train for hours and hours everyday, and extreme exercise fanatics spend so much time exercising that they barely have time to do anything else.

Most of the advice you get about ring training is based on how gymnasts use them.

But if you’re like most of the people we work with, you’re not interested in training that’s only effective after many, many years of effort. You have a career, a family, friends, and things to do on the weekend. You’re not looking to take up gymnastics – you just want to be strong.

#2 – Low-Quality Products from Skilled Athletes Who Can’t Teach

Maybe you’ve looked up some different training routines or workouts online. There are a lot of videos on the internet of very strong and capable people, however, most of them can’t really seem to explain how they got there.

Being able to do something is one thing, but being able to teach that skill to someone else is something completely different.

If you’re trying to learn from someone who just isn’t good at teaching, you’ll struggle, get confused, and eventually give up.


Ultimately, you have a choice to make:

You can follow an unrealistic training program that doesn’t accommodate real life and leaves you guessing, trying to put all the pieces together, yourself…

You can have fun training and see noticeable progress every time you get up on the rings, the way we teach in Rings One.


Here’s How Rings One Delivers Practical Strength for Better Performance in Any Sport or Activity


➜ Clear Tutorials – The Rings One tutorials are clear and easy-to-follow. They consist of multiple camera angles, on-screen cues, and can easily be put on a mobile device to take them with you when you workout.

➜ Easy-to-Follow Programing – Rings One consists of over three months of programs that constantly builds week after week as you improve your strength and control. There are two difficulty levels you can work through R1 at: Beginner and Intermediate

➜ GMB Method – At Gold Medal Bodies, our training programs are based around the “GMB Method.” Unlike many other programs, the goal isn’t just “more reps” (which can make your workouts very boring after a while).

➜ GMB 4-Phase Program Design - Simply put, you’ll need to employ different styles of training as you progress. Rings One is broken into four distinct phases to achieve different goals at different points in the program.


Here’s how each phase works:  

Phase 1:

Strength Moves

Start with the basic strength movements on which the more advanced skills rest. We’ll show the exact technical details you need to make rapid strength gains.

Phase 2:

Skill Combination

Next, you’ll work on transitioning smoothly and fluidly between the movements you learned in the first training phase to build skill combinations.

Phase 3:

Flow Acquisition

With the basic combinations in place, you’ll practice mini-routines that further develop your balance and control while stringing together combinations.

Phase 4:

Flow Mastery

Finally, you’ll put all your new strength and skills to good use in performing the complete flow routine, by which you’ll refine and polish your abilities.

Here, the goal, isn’t just to do more, but to work through each phase of training up to a full flow routine that gives you fluidity and ease of movement.

Don’t settle for “dumb” programming that treats beginners and advanced athletes the same.

The GMB Rings Curriculum is designed specifically to offer the right combinations of exercises and protocols that are most appropriate to your needs at every stage of your development.


Here’s What R1 Users Have Achieved So Far:


Torsten Nielsen, Denmark – GMB R1 Client


Don’t Have Time for Ring Training? This Active Soldier Begs to Differ…

I am currently deployed so I brought a pair of wooden rings with me to continue my training that I started back home. I am unable to be as consistent as I was back home but am striving to stay on top of it.

I couldn’t be happier with this program. My handstand is continuing to improve especially with the training tips that you all have emailed to me periodically. The hand balancing is so impressive and it is quickly becoming a passion of mine.

I’m 43 and know that I will be able to achieve my goals, that age will not be a limiting factor. I have 40 more days in my deployment then my consistency will be back on track.  I am anxious to send some video to you and begin rings 2!

Thank you so much!

Chris P.


R1 Provides What Other Programs Lack

I had bought [another program] and attempted to build the so called gymnastic body. The key word being attempted. I did not know where to start. But most importantly I had no idea how to properly perform the moves. What moves should I do or how many exercises to do.

If you want to be a gymnast go to a gymnastic gym and train with a trainer. You have a life, kids and a job, well GMB is for you….

I happened to be a GMB kind of guy. I have had better results with your program in the last 6 weeks then I have had with [the other program] in the last year. And for that THANK YOU…..

I’m currently in Phase 2 and I am very excited with this program. You all at GMB have created an amazing strengthening workout and I have improved so much since starting it. I have already recommended the program to a bunch of friends or to whomever wants to change from lifting boring weights at a boring gym.

Ludovic Littee

When You Download Rings One, You Get…


  • R1 Training Manual – 48 pages of action-oriented information to get you progressing fast (no blurry black and white photos or confusing stick-figure diagrams).
  • Instructional Videos – Rings One contains mobile-ready videos explaining, in detail, how to perform over 40 different moves (take them with you when you’re training and watch them on your phone).
  • Daily Workout Charts – Two difficulty levels, all broken down into printable charts (that you can take with you when you workout) to ensure that you are never left guessing what to do next.
  • GMB Leg Module – No one wants scrawny “chicken legs,” so R1 includes our special leg module to make sure you work your whole body, not just your arms, shoulders, and core.


The “Jive-Free” Guarantee (We’ve got your back…)


We understand that it’s difficult to trust online – especially when you don’t know us yet. So we want you to know that we’ve got your back:


We've got your back

No Monkey Business

The GMB 100% Jive-Free Guarantee

If you do the work you will get results.

The truth is, if you don’t get results, we don’t want your money. Give P1 a thorough workout for 60 days. Ask questions, work hard, and get stronger.

If you aren’t satisfied, we’ll give you a full refund.


You won’t find a better guarantee, because you won’t find a better group of people who care more about seeing you exceed your expectations of what kind of health and ability it’s possible for you to achieve.

We’re on a mission to build stronger men and women, stronger families, and a stronger society. And it all starts with a stronger body. Yours.


Build Real Functional Strength for Your Life With Effective Ring Training


Choose the package that’s right for you – download Rings One only, or bundle it with our advanced ring training program…

Full Rings Curriculum Bundle

Add the Level Two advanced program and save

All the rings instruction you’ll ever need – from basics to advanced strength moves.

A complete ring training curriculum.

> Rings One – Our fundamental ring training program (everything to the right)

> Rings Two – Advanced ring training program for levers, handstands, and the iron cross (a great followup after you complete Rings One)

> Rings BBCC – “Body Blaster Conditioning Circuit” a fun and flexible workout unique from what you’ll find in R1 or R2 that is great anytime

Complete Bundle – $205 175

Add to Secure Cart

Rings One Program

The basics of gymnastic ring training: zero to muscle-up

Rings One will build foundational ring strength with our 4-Phase program design.

Accessible for all skill levels.

> Detailed Video Tutorials – Over 2 hours of mobile-ready video with on-screen technical cues

> Over 3 Months of Programming – Including 2 difficulty levels broken down into weekly charts so you always know what to do next

> Supplemental Tutorials – Leg strength, conditioning, and complete warm-up and cool-down routines for your training sessions

Download Rings One – $95

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get swinging

All payments are handled by our secure cart system employing PCI Level 1 Certified 128 bit encryption for your privacy and peace of mind. After check out, you’ll be directed to register to our Private Members’ Area, where you’ll have continued access to your download files. The Manuals and other documents/charts are delivered as Adobe PDF ebooks, viewable on all modern computer platforms. The high-quality videos are optimized for iTunes, but can also be played on other media players.


Some frequent questions about Rings One…

(Click for the answers…)

Am I too old?


We have clients ranging from their teens to their 90s.

Yes, 90s!

You are not too old.

Age is definitely a factor in how resilient your body is to stress, so you might need to work out less often and spend more time recovering. You might need to adjust the intensity of the exercises.

But we’re here to help you with that – just ask.

The number one thing is not to count yourself out because you’re over thirty, or forty, or… If you practice smart and focus on form (two key tenets of the GMB Method), you’ll make progress regardless of age.

One more thing:

If you do happen to be young and strong, rest assured that this will offer plenty of challenge for you too.

We have multiple difficulty levels and variations on every exercise, and you ultimately set your own level by using perfect form and adjusting the rep ranges and rest times to your capabilities.

GMB programs scale very well, because we teach you how to adjust for your own performance and recovery.

How long will this program take to complete?

The word “complete” is pretty loaded, so this isn’t easy to answer.

The program is designed to be followed in three-month cycles, and you can do as many cycles as you want (you’ll go deeper into the practice each time through). We recommend alternating cycles with a different program for variety and to balance other goals.

However, depending on where you’re starting from, it could take more or less time.

You see, a training program is a process. Like a highway, there are multiple entrances and exits. If you’re already pretty strong, you can work through the phases in the specified time. If you’ve never done anything like this before, you may need to add a couple of weeks to Phase 1 to build the basic strength before moving on.

As far as “completion” goes, that depends on your goal.

If you’re doing this to get stronger, you’ll be achieving that all along, and you can judge for yourself just how strong you want to become.

If you’ve got a particular skill goal in mind, it may take longer to perfect, but you’ll still be getting stronger the whole time, so no effort is wasted in taking you time to practice correctly.

the most important thing to realize is that your training is not a race.

Do it for yourself and don’t compare your progress with other people who don’t share your same situation. When you run your own race, you can stop “racing,” and still win.

Where and how do I hang my rings?

It’s up to you.

For Phase 1, you can get away with hanging your rings from a pull-up bar, but you’ll need more space if you want to learn muscle-ups and other “transition” moves.

So from Phase 2, you’ll probably need to move outside and find a sturdy tree branch or some other location that is high enough.

Many of our clients have used eye-bolts screwed into the joists in their homes, and quite a few have found novel ways to suspend their rings from various structures in their garages and neighborhoods.

If you’re creative, you can find a good place to hang your rings, so don’t let this be an excuse.

Should I do R1 or R2?

A lot of people who have been working out for a few years ask us if they can skip R1. Usually, the answer is no.

You need to understand that training on the rings is a lot different from lifting weights or probably any other training you’ve done before. It works your muscles in a different way and puts greater torque on your joints.

To make a long story short, unless you have a few months of experience on rings, start with R1.

Rings One is specifically designed to give beginners – even strong beginners – the essential foundation for ring work. Even if you’ve been lifting weights for years, you’ll find R1 to be sufficiently challenging. But we also have a prep program for complete beginners to get started.

We suggest that anyone considering skipping R1 be able to perform the following pre-requisites:

  • 5 strict ring muscle-ups (no kipping)
  • 30 second ring L-sit hold
  • 10 second freestanding handstand on the floor

If you can’t do that yet, no problem – get R1 an you’ll be there soon.

How often do I have to practice?

We designed Rings One around a Monday, Wednesday Friday schedule.

Three days a week gives you enough training time to stimulate muscle while providing ample recovery so your body can heal and get stronger between sessions. (Recovery is one of the most underrated aspects of training, and we discuss some recovery tips in the program manual.)

In Phase 1, you’ll be on an “A/B split” where you alternate workouts A and B every session. This is a proven training template that affords some variety while assuring progression.

Phase 2 changes things up a bit with more combined movements, and Phases 3 and 4 move towards a single movement routine.

Of course, if your schedule demands fewer workouts, that’s fine, and the program manual will explain how to adapt the program to your needs. If you’re young and find you recover quickly, you might be tempted to add a workout, but usually it’s a better bet to increase the difficulty of the exercises instead (we’ll show you how to do that too).

R1 isn’t designed to take over your life and monopolize your free time, but you’ll need to make it a priority to set aside time for your practice if your results are important to you.

Can women use Rings One?


We’ve had many women use Rings One and make progress. However, we should be clear that this is not an easy program, and it’s probably not the best program to start with unless you already have some training history.

In general, we recommend R1 to people who can already do five pull-ups.

If you are a woman wanting to use the rings, we want you to know that nothing is impossible. You can get very strong and have a great time with R1.

You may find it difficult in the beginning, but we’ll always be available to help you out with the very best support available online.

If you can do a few pull-ups and are ready to take your pulling strength to the next level, then Rings One is perfect for you. If you aren’t sure or want to get our advice, just call or send us an email anytime. We’ll give it to you straight and help you find the best path forward in your training.

Is this a gymnastics program?


Though Ryan was a competitive gymnast in school, we’re not gymnasts, and we bet you aren’t either.

And if you’re planning to take up the sport of gymnastics seriously, you should be looking for a coach at a real gymnastics center instead of trying to teach yourself via the internet.

GMB ring training is not designed to prepare you for gymnastic meets.

It’s a method for building strength and skills that will make you more fit for things you’re likely to actually do in real life. This is a fitness program.

We have to be clear on this point, because there are a few gymnastics coaches who seem to think that training for gymnastic sport is the same thing as training for personal fitness. It’s not. The demands, goals, and pre-requisites are completely different.

GMB ring training is designed for people with no gymnastic experience.

As you work through Rings One, you’ll get familiar with the fundamental movements and build the strength and body control necessary to attempt the more difficult strength holds in in Rings Two. Neither program advances beyond what is considered “basic” in gymnastics, but it goes well beyond what most fitness enthusiasts and professionals can do.

If you want to take up gymnastic, go do that.

But if you want to use rings to get strong and fit and learn to use your body, the GMB Curriculum is the best bet.

Will this work my legs?

Since gymnastic rings and parallettes exercises tend to be focused on upper-body and trunk strength, we created a supplemental Leg Module that integrates with our rings and parallettes programs.

The Leg Module covers bodyweight squat and lunge variations to complement your core apparatus training.

You’ll learn and practice a series of leg-dominant movements that focus on building explosive strength throughout the lower body in all directions. There are three difficulty levels for each movement in the series, and you can choose the ones that suit your level.

Of course, you’re welcome to go to a gym and do squats or deadlifts if that’s what you prefer, but most people find these movements to be adequately challenging in the context of a program that is focused primarily on ring or parallette training. In other words, you don’t want to do so much leg training that you are too tired to perform well in your main workouts.

The Leg Module isn’t an “ultimate leg workout,” but it suits the goals of our R and P Series programs.

What if I need to lose a few pounds?

None of the programs in the GMB Curriculum are designed for weight loss. We’re concerned with making you stronger and teaching you how to move better.

You can lose weight by doing this, but it would just be a side benefit in our view.

Depending on where you’re at right now, you might decide that you need to lose weight before starting. That’s completely fine. Any of our programs will be easier to perform if you are at a healthy weight… though, by the same logic, almost anything is easier to perform at a healthy weight.

If you are otherwise healthy, the biggest factor in reducing bodyfat is nutrition.

Your program manual will include links to resources that explain our nutritional approach, but we don’t go so far as to include meal plans and a regimented diet. That’s because everybody likes different foods, and we’ve found that you can make progress without having to eat a preselected menu.

If you eat good foods, train effectively, and get enough sleep, you can build your strength while reducing the amount of fat your carry.

Following this program may or may not reduce your scale weight, because as the fat comes off, you’ll be adding muscle. The result is that your bodyweight will “reproportion” itself into a nicer shape overall.

Just to be clear, this is not an appropriate program if you are obese.

But if you’re a bit overweight and want to get stronger and learn how to use your body better, this is a great place to start.

Can I lift weights on my off days?

Well, you can actually do whatever you want…

But if you’re asking our advice, we’d remind you to think about what an “off day” means. It means that you don’t train.

We’re not saying you can’t/shouldn’t use weights. We all train with weights (sometimes, depending on goals). They can be extremely useful, but you have to decide what your main training priority really is.

If your main priority is increasing your squat, then we wouldn’t call weight training days an “off” day.

If you want to do squats or deadlifts while working a GMB program, that’s fine, but we do have some recommendations for integrating that practice effectively, and these are explained in the program manual.

Needless to say, you will have to focus on one or the other if you really want to improve.

You can focus on weights and do some GMB movement practice on the side. Or you can focus on improving your movement skill and use weights on the side to build specific strength or work on your physique goals. You just need to know which one is your main training and which one is your extra training and plan your schedule accordingly.

Whichever you put first, don’t skimp on recovery by trying to turn “off” days into “on” days.

Rings One is a Clear Value

Props to all of you — Rings 1 is well laid-out, well-explained, and easy to follow (so many videos!). Clear value.

Matt Madeiro, Texas


Provides What Other Programs Were Missing

I just wanted to write to you and say thank you for creating Rings One. I bought it about two weeks ago and it is just what I have been looking for.

First I bought P1 and that program is also great. However, i felt that I missed the pulling exercises so I went ahead and bought Rings One also and I am very glad that I did.

A couple of years ago I bought Chirstopher Sommer´s book “Building the Gymnastic body” and I think it is a good book. However, I had problems creating a good program from that book. Your program has helped me to train in a manner that I have allways searched for and I thank you for that.

Per Nyberg, Sweden


Worked Wonders For Me

I started using the Rings One program a couple of months ago to help myself get out from “under the bar” and regain some freedom of motion in my joints. 42 years of life, 25 + years in the U.S. Army, and years of high impact Kung Fu/Wushu and more traditional power lifting regimens have left me pretty stiff and with chronic “ow-ies”.  Great stuff, I gotta tell you… deceptively simple, yet intense, the programs have worked wonders for me, although I’m still not as pretty as Ryan (well…I am but…), but I am seeing definite improvement.

The coolest news, though, is that I convinced my commander (I’m still in the Army… haven’t decided to grow up and get a real job yet) to let me ignore the Army physical training program and institute an “experimental” program for Soldiers with similar physical problems. You guessed it… Rings 1… rave reviews from my Soldiers, way more fun than the Army physical training program, less chronic pain, and increased mobility and strength over the few weeks that I have been “experimenting” with this program.

You guys have just designed so must flexibility into the programs that I can use the same workouts for Soldiers with a variety of ailments, injuries, and ability levels and keep us all on basically the same sheet of music. You guys have created some awesome products and I will preach the gospel of GMB to anyone who will listen. Thanks.

Terry Ricer, CW4, U.S. Army, Oklahoma


The Longest I’ve Ever Stuck With A Program

Can’t believe I’m on week 7 of Rings One. This is by far the longest I’ve stuck with a fitness program, ever.

Jonathan Mead, Entrepreneur, Oregon


The Value Is In The Progressions

I purchased the Rings One program, and in my humble opinion, the price was cheap relative to what I’ve gained so far.

A “good” personal trainer in Atlanta, GA on average costs about $65 per session.  You can get a complete GMB program for about the cost of ONE session with a personal trainer (who more than likely is only going to put you through a very “traditional” type of workout that you can really do yourself). Most trainers I see in the gym couldn’t perform these GMB workouts themselves. Plus, you will have learned a highly impressive new skill at the end of the program, and gained strength that you just can’t get with dumbbells and free weights. Trust me on this.

The value of the GMB programs are really in the progressions.  There’s no way anyone without experience can develop these progressions without help from a professional.  Plus, what’s your time worth?  You’d spend countless hours trying to develop these programs yourself with no results.

Mike, Georgia


Awesome Program

I’m just into my second week of the Rings One program and to my own surprise I’ve managed to smash out a few muscle ups! I’ve had a go at doing them in the past but got nowhere near. I was only going to the fridge to get some food and saw my rings and decided to have a go. I’m delighted to see that even after this short period of time I’m seeing good progress. Thanks for putting together this awesome program.

Ben Hodkinson, United Kingdom


> You can see more testimonials from Rings One clients here.


GMB Delivers Outstanding Support and Fantastic Value in a Convenient and Accessible Format Anyone Can Enjoy Using

Incredible Support

We’re a small company, but this is no hobby for us. It is in our best interest to help you meet your goals, which is why we provide the best support out there. If you have a problem, get in touch and we’ll fix it.

Lifetime Updates

If you get a computer virus, your hard drive crashes, or some other “tech disaster” strikes, you can always get access to your purchase by logging into our members-only site.

Beginner Friendly

Even if you can’t do a single pull-up, you can start a GMB program. Simultaneously build strength and skill as you practice.