The Transformation to GMB Trainer

GMB began as a way for Ryan to share his discoveries on adapting his gymnastic skill foundation to create training programs that everyone could follow to transform their movement abilities.


GMB Trainers


When we started out, ring training was getting popular.

People were beginning to practice a variety of ring exercises, but they weren’t really focusing on skill – they were just following familiar routine of increasing repetitions.

While this is a perfectly decent way to build strength and endurance, it doesn’t utilize the full potential of ring training.

Even those working towards skills like the Muscle Up, back and front lever, the iron cross, etc., found the info available to be geared almost exclusively to formal gymnastics training.

Ryan’s training strategies and progressions were designed for fitness and health, which struck a chord with many people.


“That’s what I want for my clients!”

As more people began trying Rings One and Parallettes One, they noticed they they weren’t just getting stronger – they were having more fun training than they had in years.

And personal trainers began to ask about certification to teach GMB programs.

Currently we have qualified three trainers and have another one near the completion of her program. It’s been fantastic watching their transformations and seeing them embrace GMB and share that with their own students.

Below, two GMB trainers share their own journeys.


GMB Trainer Junior Vassiliou


GMB has taught me that training isn’t always about the numbers.


Junior trains out of Progressive Health & Fitness in Queensland, Australia



I’ve learnt how to make movement ‘pretty’ and flow whilst also increasing my strength, flexibility, mobility, body awareness, and balance.

All these attributes carry over to all other training modalities I participate in, such as kettlebell work and lifting heavy stuff in general. However the core of my training is now based around bodyweight training and I am leaner and stronger than ever.

Best of all I feel and move better with less restriction.

I constantly get people commenting on the “tricks” that I do on the floor, rings, parallettes, trees, and anything else I can find.

This is one of the perks with training with the GMB system, you can pick and choose certain movements for certain situations so you truly can get a training session in anywhere once you understand how to take movements from their most simple form and progress them to the more advanced.


Yep, still learning…

My favourite movements are anything that has to do with hand balancing and the rings would have to be my all time favourite piece of equipment as my joints can find the best movement pattern for my body and aren’t fixed or stuck in a certain hand position like they would be if using a bar.

I’m a coach at GMB but am still a student and I think all the other GMB coaches, no matter how accomplished they are, still consider themselves students because we can always go deeper into the movement and always make a particular movement that much prettier.

At GMB it’s much more than just working out (anybody can work up a sweat) it’s about becoming better at movement, better athletes, better coaches and better people.


GMB Trainer Daniel Spencer


I have the confidence and the knowledge to take anybody and get them to perform some really cool skills.


Daniel trains out of San Jose, California



I guess I would say my true love is with the rings. Ever since R1, I absolutely love everything about the rings. I love the challenge of the instability, trying to make the skills look effortless, even through they definitely are not.

I love how the rings make you have razor sharp focus when training on them.

If you think about anything else but the skill you are trying to perform, you may fall or shake. So to me they are like a moving meditation, when I’m done with my rings training, my body is challenged, my mind is clear and I am ready to take on the day’s challenges.


Having fun while training is what it’s all about.

I recently took a little hiatus off from consistent training on the rings to pursue other skills and it definitely shows. If you want to be good at something stay consistent at it. But most importantly have fun in the process!

Training with GMB has given me a strong foundation for any activities or movements I want to pursue.

The other day I was at a gym and I saw some stall bars so I just started playing around with some human flag training. Two years ago I would not have been strong enough and not as confident enough in my body to even try the move. With consistent training I see performing that skill in my future. I have to owe it all to the smart programming to get my body in the shape it is today!

The most important part of my GMB training was going through the Trainer Apprenticeship program.


The Problem With Most Certification Programs Today…



What most other certification programs deliver… nonsensical qualifications!

When we first started getting inquiries about certifications, we weren’t too interested.

Disenchanted by many of the trainer certifications out there (requiring just a weekend course + thousands of dollars…) Ryan encouraged everyone to just share what they’ve learned as best they could.

He wasn’t interested in doing the weekend certification deal.

His experiences in gymnastics and martial arts showed him that the best way to learn is through a mentoring system.

This simply can’t be done in just a few days.

Previously, he and Andy had developed interactive online training programs involving video and written feedback based on a systematic weekly curriculum. They had received great compliments on the system and soon realized that this approach could be just as helpful for teaching people how to become GMB Trainers.

This led to the creation of a three month distance learning program not only teaching the GMB Method, but also with direct assistance in the business aspects of being a trainer.

This component was something that was sorely lacking in a lot of other “certification” programs.


It Always Comes Back To Quality

The three month program allows a good amount of time for feedback and implementation regarding our method, but more importantly gives everyone a chance to get to know each other and make sure that GMB and the trainer are a mutually good fit.

Quality over quantity is a cliche because it’s true.

We put a lot of effort into our certification system, just like we do into our regular training programs, because we know what it’s like to be excited about something and want to share it.


Mr. Miyagi's got nothin' on us!
Our GMB Trainer Apprenticeship is an excellent way to enhance your fitness offerings and grow your business. You won’t find any certification fees or BS requirements from our program – just clear instruction and guidance every step of the way.

Invest in your passion today.


Even if you don’t think you’re ‘trainer’ material, you can still share GMB with others and help your friends and family discover that fitness doesn’t have to suck.

We always appreciate you spreading the word.


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GMB Content Manager - Jarlo is our resident Physical Therapist, Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, and martial arts instructor. He writes articles and manuals and keeps us clear of any BS.

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